Reduces intestinal & respiratory infections

Oligosaccharides found in human milk play a vital role in developing and strengthening an infant’s immune system. Oligosaccharides resist digestion in the digestive tract and are instead fermented in the large intestine stimulating the production of microflora (the good bacteria), in other words they have a prebiotic effect on the intestine.

The microflora serves as a defence mechanism against invading bacteria. Oligosaccharide mixtures of short-chain galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) and long-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) have been developed to resemble the human milk oligosaccharides. Supplementation with FOS & GOS in infants has been shown to effectively stimulate the turnover of the appropriate bacteria in the large intestine enhancing the mucosal immune system. By feeding infants FOS & GOS enhanced formula; it stimulates the same metabolic activity thus, reducing the likelihood of respiratory and intestinal infections during your infants first year of age.

Important Notice for Parents and Caregivers

Breast milk is best for babies

Breast milk is best for babies. Before you decide to use this product, consult your doctor or health care worker for advice.