Our Australian Made Formula using premium ingredients ensures its exceptional quality.  Pinnacle Laboratories offer a high-quality infant formula, manufactured and packaged in Australia, with the milk powder exclusively from Australian suppliers. 

Of course, its worth mentioning that ALL the ingredients we use are sourced from highly reputable suppliers with full accreditation in food safety.

The milk used in Natalplex Premium Gold infant formulas are made in Australia to the highest standard. We use only pure, safe and fresh milk sourced from Australian accredited dairies known for their abundant supply of premium fresh milk, predominately from Victoria’s lush rich grazing farms. Unlike other infant formulas on the market, our milk is sourced only from our Australia plant under the strict supervision of AQIS (Australia Quarantine Inspection Services).

In the United States, most milk is produced by cows that are reared in intensive production schemes comprising of tie stall barns, free stall barns and open lots. After only a few years of factory life, cows are exhausted and discarded. Unfortunately, animals that are part of American mega dairies will rarely ever be given the opportunity to see a patch of grass in their life as they spend most of their living in ‘rotary-milking parlours.’ The dairy productions in Asia, especially in the south-east, rely on the crop-based systems of India where Buffalo’s milk is becoming increasingly vital. Also, further research has shown that South Africa is unsuited for intensive agricultural production systems such as dairy farming due to its unreliable rainfall and semi-arid lands.

You can find comfort in knowing that cows in Australia are raised in pasture-based systems. This system strives to optimise rather than maximise milk production whilst being constantly aware of controlled input. Australia is renowned for having some of the best dairy produce from some of the world’s most pristine pastures. You can be certain that Natalplex Premium Gold infant formulas are made from exceptional Australian quality milk.

Important Notice for Parents and Caregivers

Breast milk is best for babies

Breast milk is best for babies. Before you decide to use this product, consult your doctor or health care worker for advice.